Creating 3D Models

Stem School

During the month of October, students in 1st through 5th grades learned how to create 3D models with the program SketchUp.

SketchUp is a computer-based program that allows students to draw two dimensional shapes and change them into three dimensional objects. It can be used to create printable objects for the 3D printer, or can be another option for planning and building prototyple models. Students learned the basics around how to manipulate shapes and change faces or dimensions, as well as how to undo their mistakes using keystroke commands. Many explored how to add color and delete sections of objects, and students learned how important perspective can be during designing. Students created everything from houses to cityscapes, cars, original objects, and even a slice of swiss cheese!  

In addition to learning a new program, each class also had the chance to practice some essential 21st Century Skills. They were able to collaborate and help each other to learn new tricks within the program, as well as acknowledge and encourage the creativity of each other's designs. 

Throughout the rest of the school year students and teachers will continue to utilize the program SketchUp as a tool to model and plan their projects. Soon we will be able to print some of their creations!