Couragion and Career Planning, Part 2

As a follow up to a story written last year (, Skyline STEM Academy freshmen were again given access to the Couragion app.  Students were able to work with the co-founders of Couragion, Melissa Risteff and Laura Farrelly, to learn about the app development process.  After the co-founders walked the students through the process they took to get to the current product, students were able to explore careers through Couragion quests.  From their website (, "Couragion provides a fun and engaging iPad application that exposes students to STEM careers using videos, games, and self-reflection quizzes."  They recently received a grant through the National Science Foundation (NSF) to continue the work they started last year because of their success. 

The app is set up really nicely; students are able to watch several short videos about a particular career and answer questions based on their preferences.  By the end of the quest, students have considerably more knowledge about the career.  All of the quests feature professionals with whom our students can relate; they are young and dynamic role models.  They each explain their favorite part of their job and the path they took to get there.  Based on how the students respond to questions throughout the quest, Couragion plots the career on a chart to help students determine how good of a fit it is for them.

Feedback given last year helped shape Couragion's improvements.  There were more careers represented this year (with even more on the way!), and students had no problems streaming the video segments.  Additionally, once students complete several quests and build up their profiles, there will be notifications sent out about local events and summer camps, as well as information about courses at Skyline that fit in with their career choices.  Couragion has provided such a terrific resource that we are excited to use!