Couragion and Career Planning

Skyline High School has been working with Couragion, a small company that just began in January. Specifically, Couragion has developed on app for students to learn about career opportunities in the STEM field.

For this app, the tables were turned and our students got to be the “client”! We are part of a small group of schools in Colorado piloting this app. Couragion representatives came into our classes and explained to our students how the design process has worked for them through their software development. It is impressive that they have gotten to the point of launching their product in just four months!

Students completed an interest survey at the beginning, answering questions about everything from work environment to salary. Based on their responses, they were recommended career paths and were able to select which “quest” they wanted to experience. At this point, students were exposed to a career in a very personal way; by watching a series of videos of a person they could individually relate to and answering refining questions about their interests, students got a taste of what the career is really like on a day-to-day basis.

Once our students have completed several quests, they will provide feedback on the content and the app itself to the Couragion representatives. The app will continue to be developed throughout the summer, with hopes of our feedback making the product even better in the fall of next school year.