Columbine Elementary

STEM Coordinator
Lindsey Cheney

Columbine Elementary School is a STEM Focus, Pre-K through 5th Grade neighborhood school located at 111 Longs Peak Avenue in Longmont, Colorado. At Columbine, we value building strong relationships with our students and families in order to ensure success for all of our students. We believe in providing rigorous and differentiated instruction that targets individual student needs and supports academic achievement across all content areas.

Columbine Elementary News

The Columbine VEX IQ Robotics Team has had a great start to their competitive season! They participated in the Timberline PK-8 VEX IQ Scrimmage and the Innovation Center Tournament at the Longmont Museum.


Computer Science Education Week was December 7th - 11th, and it was a busy week at Columbine!

Columbine students and teachers celebrated STEM during a whole school event on October Count Day. Students had the chance to explore the importance of inquiry, technology, engineering, science, mathematics, and FUN!


This year, Columbine has started a VEX IQ Robotics Team! 24 students meet weekly to design, build, and utilize their coorperation and problem solving skills to construct a robot. After completing their robots, we will participate in several events this season.


The Hour of Code was a huge success at Columbine!

On November 6th, Columbine held a Family STEM Night. Each grade level hosted a design challenge and families travelled throughout the school to complete them all. Kindergarten teachers challenged families to construct the best giant paper airplane, while 3rd Grade teachers challenged families to test various types of paper airplanes in order to find the design that travelled the farthest.

Here at Columbine we had more than 110 students participate in our summer STEM program!

The 2014 Tech Fair was a big success for Columbine Elementary STEM.  Students presented their work from STEM Leadership and MESA projects that included the topics: bullying, geology, affects of oil pollution on animals, Mars exploration, and communities.

The STEM Through Artwork Project was developed to allow students a chance to express their artistic ideas about STEM. Francisco G. was chosen as the representative from Columbine to have his artwork featured in the RTTT STEM Calendar for 2014. 

Can you mimic a robot doing T'ai Chi? Kayla got the chance to practice her T'ai Chi skills with the Nao robot at the February STEM Student Advisory Board meeting at the Innovation Center.

STEM Leadership members met and created the final draft of our school's STEM Lab Agreements.

At Columbine we have formed a STEM Leadership Team of 3rd-5th Graders. These students will help make STEM decisions for our school and will be representatives for Columbine at the district STEM Student Advisory Board Meetings this year.  

Columbine's STEM Lab is up and running. We have a big space and with some shopping and lots of donations it is now full of prototyping materials.

Columbine Elementary Projects

During their Social Studies lessons, 4th Graders at Columbine studied Native Americans that lived throughout Colorado's history.

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Last year, STEM Leadership members were concerned about the amount of arguing on the recess field.

In Kindergarten, students spend a lot of their time learning about how the world around them works.

3rd Graders at Columbine recently completed a STEM Unit focused on geography.

Kindergarten's first STEM unit of 2015 focused on learning all about who we are physically, socially, and emotionally. To explore w

2nd Graders at Columbine recently studied all about balance and motion.

3rd Grade's first STEM Unit of the year focused on life cycles.

One of the most significant advantages to having a Race to the Top Grant from the Department of Education is that our students are able to e

Kindergarteners have been learning what it means to be an engineer.

In November, Columbine students expanded on their knowledge of 3D modeling and explored the world of 3D printing.

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4th and 5th grade students have been learning about hydropower and how people have been able to harness this energy as a renewable source.

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5th Graders at Columbine recently completed their first unit of study on landforms and the impacts they have on the world around us.

During the month of October, students in 1st through 5th grades learned how to create 3D models with the program SketchUp.

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In the month of September, each classroom explored the world around them with our new digital microscopes.

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Students began their year exploring the STEM Lab and investigating what it means to prototype.

Second graders recently completed their unit called Air & Weather.

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Third Graders were recently faced with the challenge to save Fred the Worm.

Kindergarteners in Mr. Thurman's class got a chance to explore the world of robotics with Cubelets.

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Mrs. Lucero's class took a brain break from TCAP testing to complete the Marshmallow Challenge.

First Graders recently completed their FOSS unit called Pebbles, Sand, and Silt.

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Third graders spent the month of January studying earth materials.

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Fourth graders recently completed their science unit on ecosystems.

Kindergarteners spent January learning about objects that sink and float.

1st Graders learned what it meant to digitally publish writing in the Computer Lab.

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During their CU TEAMS classes, taught by a graduate level engineering student from CU Boulder, 5th Graders have been learning about renewabl

During literacy, the book Building A Buddy, inspired Kindergarteners to create their own classroom buddy.

During the months of October and November, 2nd Grade students learned about plants and their needs.

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During the month of November, kindergarteners at Columbine explored and described how objects move differently.

During math class in November, 4th Graders in Mr.

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During the months of September and October, Columbine's 3rd Graders studied Life Cycles!

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During the months of October and November, 1st Graders at Columbine explored the properties of solids and liquids through their FOSS Science

During Summer School students at Columbine explored how air moves by building their own windmills and kites in their Engineering is Elementary (EiE) Kit. Students took the time to build, test, and refine their projects to make them move and use air effectively!