Colorado Space Grant at Indian Peaks

The IPES MESA after-school club has been fortunate to work with the University of Colorado and the Colorado Space Grant in a 6 week partnership.  Each week, around 10 CU students, and their infamous leader, Bernadette Garcia, led students through interactive, small group workshops.  Workshop sessions included: Spectroscopy - What the Universe is Made Of, Rockets - Building and Launching, Satellites, The Moon and it's Craters, and Spacesuits.  The program's culminating activity was held at the CU School of Engineering campus where students and their families engaged in learning stations and a LEGO design challenge.  Several students have been inspired by these activities saying, "This is my first time in MESA, but I love it!"  One student was caught "playing MESA" and saying that she wants to be a "MESA Scientist."  What an opportunity for our students!