Alpine Energy Ninjas

Stem School

Three schools, Mead Elementary, Alpine Elementary and Sunset Middle have been selected to participate in the Energy Conservation Implementation (ECI) pilot! The program aims to conserve energy through creative ideas and behavioral changes.  In addition, Colorado State University is partnering with us to develop the program and help us measure success.

At Alpine Elementary, 15 fourth grade students have been selected as Alpine's Energy Ninjas. The Ninjas sneak through the school completing energy audits, providing feedback to teachers and students, and posting the energy conservation message throughout the school. With the help of Mr. Tim, Alpine's custodian, and teachers throughout the building, we have managed to reduce the number of lights used throughout the school significantly.

Check out Alpine's progress on the following website:

View the e-gauge to see real-time data regarding Alpine's energy usage. Check out the cube resources page to see how much energy Alpine has saved this November compared to last November.