7th Graders on a Fantastic Voyage

7th graders in Mr. Thesenga's life science class are exploring the structure of a cell. Each group of students was given a scale model of a cell, which they can literally get inside. They are now challenged with designing a representation of each cell component to the same scale. Cell walls, the cell membrane, smooth ER, mitochondria, and more are currently under construction. "I was in charge of cytoplasm", said Eddie, "My project was bags of soap and food coloring. It was not an option to fill up the whole cell with the liquid. It feels weird because the soap is thicker than the water. We have 30 kids in the class, so we split into groups of 15 so we have an animal cell and a plant cell. The plant and animal cell have differences, so each group has to make the model and tell about each piece of the cell. We will present to the class from inside the cell." By the end of the project, students will be able to present complete replicas of the animal and plant cell with mounted or hanging cell parts. Maddie stated, "I personally like the science project. It's a hands on project that allows us to learn more about cells while making fun projects. I can't wait for the presentation. I can't wait to see other people's project and how this all comes together."