6th Grade Language Arts at Westview

Westview is blessed to have all six of our Language Arts classrooms equipped with classroom sets of Google Chromebooks.  The following is from Mrs. Cribby and Ms. Millikan on how this looks daily in 6th grade:

We use a computer based reading and writing workshop model and have all of our units connected to that model.  For instance, we are currently doing a bias in the media unit, and students are using self-selected readings from Tweentribune.com or Newsela.com in order to apply the essential vocabulary and concepts of the unit.  They are also applying many of the terms to their own writing craft to create strong and believable characters. We are able to assess basic understanding using Socrative and evaluate higher level understanding as they apply the terms to news articles and their own writing.  They keep all of their work in Google documents that we can access.  This enables us to give constant feedback and have asynchronous discussion. Their daily work is enabling us to regularly assess their level of understanding and is pushing students toward their individual goals. Students are supported through a great deal of online resources and the ability to communicate directly with peers and their teachers.