5th Graders Launch Rovers at STEM Summer Camp

5th grade students at Timberline were learning about planetary science and rocketry with the use of literacy books, various experiments, and STEM challenges that revolved around rocket science. Students used Seeds of Science literacy books, iPads, Modular Robotics cubelets, various design challenges with University of Colorado TEAMS fellows, and driver control practice with VEX IQ robots for their research. That research complemented activities found in the Engineering is Elementary curriculum, directing students to choose a mock mission to a Solar System object.  Students were tasked with building a rover to complete an information and data gathering mission. To do this, students were required to identify the mode of transport and tools necessary for their rover to carry out the mission successfully. 

5th grade students in Mr. Mlynek's and Mrs. Gilbert's class enriched the activity further by building water bottle rockets that actually housed their miniature rovers.  On launch day, students were ready to take their learning to the next level and deliver their rovers for the final stage of their mock missions. -Andrew Mlynek