5th Grade- Designing for Landform Changes

5th Graders at Columbine recently completed their first unit of study on landforms and the impacts they have on the world around us. Throughout this unit, students studied different types of landform changes including: floods, erosion, deposition, weathering, mudslides, sinkholes, earthquakes, and volcanoes. While investigating, students not only noted the causes of these changes but also the effects that occur as a result. Students noticed that during rapid landform changes, humans, animals, vegetation, and structures can be significantly impacted. For their design challenge, students selected a type of landform change and developed a structure that would prevent or lessen the impact on human life. 
After creating their prototypes, students composed advertisements to sell their idea to the general public. Student ideas ranged from impenetrable walls, hovering or flying mechanisms, and even support systems underneath their structures to help them navigate and adapt to sudden changes in the land.