3rd Annual Mountain Lion Vex IQ Robotics Tournament

Stem School

On Saturday, January 23, Alpine hosted its third annual Mountain Lion Vex IQ Robotics Tournament.  37 teams from SVVSD and surrounding schools participated in a competition designed to “transform STEM learning for young students and their teachers”. (http://www.vexrobotics.com/vexiq) Students learn valuable lessons necessary to be successful in today’s changing world.

Students begin their adventure in Vex at school in our Vex Robotics Club.  Third through fifth graders interested in robotics attend 1-2 sessions each week before or after school.  Here, they learn to create and operate a robot. They learn the rules of the competition game, which is new each year, and begin to develop a sense of strategy for how they will compete.   Students engage in 21st century skills, including collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity.  They are exposed to different aspects of computer science, including computational thinking, programming, and building their robot. 

Competition is an exciting thing to witness!  Anywhere from three to five students make up a team. Teams form alliances, allowing them to learn from each other in each match, incorporating new techniques, strategies and creative robot design to their own performance. Each team competes anywhere from 4-6 times, each time with a different team.  Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Communication are very important for teams to be successful.  

Following each competition, students can receive any number of awards.  Awards focus on everything from specific skill development to the ability to push forward in the face of adversity. The skills these kids develop through this program are skills that will prepare them to be innovative problem solvers as they continue to grow and learn. 

The Alpine event was extremely successful.  Alpine teams received the Team Champion Skills Award, the STEM Research Award and the Sportsmanship Awards.  We are quite proud of the growth our Vex students have made.  Way to go, Alpiners!