2nd Grade Design Challenge

The Second grade class of Ms. Spruill congregated last month with one purpose, figure out a way for Ms. Spruill to not get a sunburn.

        The class had an incredible opportunity to help out there teacher by going through the Design Thinking process. Everyone started out by asking Ms. Spruill questions. They discovered that Ms. Spruill is from another state and is not used to the Colorado sun. She likes to play tennis and this past summer she received a bad sunburn. When the students asked why Ms. Spruill was so badly sunburned, she replied by saying she didn't think about neeeding sun screen because it was cloudy outside. 

       After figuring out how the suns rays intensifies through clouds, the students broke into groups of three or four to ideate solutions to this dilemma. When ideating, everyone made sure to have a positive attitude and put ideas on the table. Not once did anyone say, "no, that won't work." 

      Of course, after ideation, the best part of the Design Process is prototyping. The students began to build their solutions and test them out on their teacher. Many of the students took advantage of having their "client" in the room and bombarded Ms. Spruill with question after question. Everyone was engaged and having a great time building their prototypes. 

    In the end, every project was complete and every student's idea had morphed into something brilliant. Out of the projects there emerged a flying robot who can detect the amount of sun reaching Ms. Spruill and can determine how much sun screen to apply to her face. There was also a flying umbrella that would block the UV rays from reaching Ms. Spruill while allowing her to play tennis. There was also a stylish backpack that would be worn to block out the suns rays thus preventing a sunburn. 

    All in all the students had a great time and used all of their terrific ideas to help solve a real world problem.