“Create things you wish existed” -Ashley K, 6th Grader

By Anna Mills

This is a very special blog about an amazing project completed by Ashley K. at Trail Ridge Middle School. In my class, the first design challenge was about natural resources. Here is a link to the challenge:


The students had to come up with a new and innovative way to help their country in a hypothetical situation in which that country runs out of its natural resources. Ashley went above and beyond with this challenge. She researched and designed for Guatemala. She defined her problem; “How might we help Guatemala produce coffee if they ran out of their main natural resource, which is oil?” Ashley chose to work alone but gathered information from her peers during our feedback sessions. The students brainstormed prototypes during the ideate phase and I incorporated time for them to give feedback to one another. The majority of my students decided to create a 3D prototype, but Ashley made her prototype by using a software game called Minecraft.

Her solution was a solar powered car that drove around on a track with tunnels underneath. The car sped around on the track so fast that it pushed wind through the tunnels which propelled turbines to create energy. Ashley created this energy track within the minecraft game and presented her project using keynote. The following link is connected to her keynote that she used to present her project.




In the presentation, she explains the brainstorming process that went into creating this idea. Ashley explained how realistic her prototype is and the next steps she would take to reiterate and improve upon it. The amount of creativity and confidence that Ashley exuded was incredible. I am so proud of her innovation in developing this project. I hope that Ashley will enter her idea into the SVVSD Tech Fair... please keep an eye out for it!

- See more at: http://trms.svvsd.org/updates/%E2%80%9Ccreate-things-you-wish-existed%E2%80%9D-ashley-k-6th-grader#sthash.5dn3NzWc.dpuf